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To spend or not to spend…

…that is the question!

You can spend an absolute fortune upon accessories. I’d say don’t. Obviously, you cannot collect without having appropriate tools – and catalogues are essential, but sometimes a stamp collection arrives in the office where the collector informs us that he has spent £1,200 upon the collection, has not lost interest and wishes to sell. So, what’s the problem? Answer, there aren’t any stamps! The collector has expended £1,000 upon brand new albums from countries he/she no longer intends to collect.

Don’t do it!

Second-hand albums, sometimes soiled, sell for little. A dealer can’t offer much for what sells for little.

If you’re collecting – Collect stamps! The right album(s) come later when you know that you won’t be turning back.

Others spend a fortune upon electronic gizmos.

Don’t do it! 

Invest in these later when you know what you’re doing. Here’s the perfect example. When we ‘professionals’ check watermarks, what do we use? Answer: Prinz Super-Safe watermark fluid and a £2 watermark tray! It’s a (toxic) Benzine type product and it doesn’t harm the gum upon your mint stamps. See for yourself by checking a cheap mint stamp first – BUT – we use it all the time. (We use an electronic watermark detector once a year and an electronic perf gauge – never. SG ‘Instanta’ last forever.

Tel: 01736 751910 for Prinz watermark fluid.

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